Gamers coming together to game

Sign up for Sleeping Gods

Had a couple of request to see who signed up for the event so far
below is a list of current entrants –
(I will update once others have confirmed (currently waiting for 6 names 25/1/11))
IF your names not on here (or on here by error) let me know
I’m not includeding factions to protect the innocent (in WARGAMING not such thing I know :))

Andres (Guts N Gears)
Andrew Cornelius
Ben Clarke
Ben Fowler
Ben Mulcahy
Chris Cawthorn
Colin Ettle
Colin McHugh
David Smee
Gareth Morgan
Jason Fowler
Jonathan Warmington
Julian Glover
Kristian Robertson
Kurt Hanson
Martin Smith
Mike Chomyk
Neal Barton
Neil Sharp
Nik Topham
Richard Carr
Richard Wray
Robert Fowler
Sam Sedghi
Wayne Maritz


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