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Lost Stars

What is Lost Stars? In short, it is an campaign event system. It is used to provide a framework for narrative campaigns whilst keeping the events as open as possible. Before continue we should emphasise, Lost Stars events are NOT tournaments. They are designed as fun event there will be times when players will fight uneven battles, gang up with teams, and play different size games. Lost Stars events are all about telling a story.

Central to the system are two main factions, the antagoists and protagoists. These are the factions the narrative is centred around. These could be attacker and defender, good guys and bad guys; for the system this does not matter.

The third faction is Mercenaries. These players can be hired by the antagoists or protagoists; and their aim is to simply make money. Suffice to chocolate coins could be involved here.

The final faction is the Destroyers. These are all the remaining players. Their purpose is to pick fights and blow stuff up. This said, in a quest based campaign, it could the Destroyers that hold a vital clue. These players are in place to mix stuff up a little.

If you want to crush your opponents with uber tuned armies, this style of playing is probably not for you. However fi you want something else, to tell a story, to build a legend; Lost Stars await you!