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Warhammer Fantasy Team Challenge

Warhammer Fantasy Warhammer Team Challenge


23rd – 24th February 2013 – Triple Helix Gaming Centre

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Where Sleeping Gods Lie campaign stuff

Hi all, we’ve had a request for the campaign bits and pieces from the Where Sleeping Gods Lie, so here it is!

This little lot should help anyone trying to re-run the weekend. I hope nobody is too disappointed; but a lot was made up on the day or tweaked to make it work!

Anyway, enjoy!


Where Sleeping Gods Lie Results and Scenario Plan
Where Sleeping Gods Lie Presentation
Where Sleeping Gods Lie Crib Sheet
Results forms
Relic Cards
Orders forms
Mercenary Contracts

Fellow club event

Just a quick plug for one of our members other clubs Warmachine/Hordes Tourney

Bracknell Forest Gamers are holding a one day escaltion style tournament
15, 25, 35, 40 pts
£11 per player
contact details on their website

The Sleeping Gods have gone back to bed

Where Sleeping Gods lie is all over for this year
The Alliance won and all is well (sort of see the map for full details :))

Here are a few shoots for those that didn’t make it to the event

Gaming Club Network Membership

We are pleased to announce that the Legion of Snake Eyes is now a member club of the Gaming Club Network, an association of clubs in the United Kingdom dedicated to the high standards, promoting the hobby, and promoting the gaming community.

To learn more about this fantastic organisation, visit their website at

Hello Paypal!

Hi all, just a quick note to say we can now accept payment via paypal. There is a small charge for this, so any tickets for Where Sleeping Gods Lie, will cost £21 instead of £20 if paying by cheque. On the plus side, they will be booked immediately!