Gamers coming together to game

Who is LEGION?

The Legion of Snake Eyes is made up from individuals hailing from many different clubs and locations. Here’s just a few…

Dan Currey, President and Treasurer

Dan the founder and current chairman of Bracknell Forest Gamers (in Bracknell). He is heavily involved in the Gaming Club Network as a Area Representative and Council member. Dan plays pretty much most games, although he is in mostly Warmachine, Warhammer Fantasy and Maniflaux modes at the moment.

He is also infamous for his various pink Warhammer 40000 armies.

Dan most infamous claim to fame was as a campaign organiser and narrator for the GW Medusa V global campaign, he also has extensive experience organising demo games, tournaments and campaign weekends; including the very successful “Winds of” series of doubles tournaments, and the inventive Escalation tournaments.

He also has a habit of coming up with rather crazy ideas. Like this one.

Dave Offen-James, Secretary

Dave is another founding member of the Sad Muppet Society and held the position of Chief Muppet for a few years. Despite swearing never to learn “another” game system, Dave regularly plays Warhammer 40000, Warmachine, Flames of War and Warhammer Fantasy. To top it all, he’s a really nice bloke.

Dave is also a master modeller, especially when it comes to demo game tables which inevitably end up being made of MDF. Suffice to say, OJ science comes up with some pretty neat things from time to time.

As hinted above, Dave has been the driving force behind many of the demo game put together by muppets as well as being involved with numerous tournaments, campaign weekends, and other special gaming events (24 hour Apocalypse game, yep, Dave’s idea).

Neil Sharp, Legionary

Neil Sharp is the GCN rep for Cornwall, and chair of West Cornwall Games Club.  He is familiarly known as Gonks and has an extensive collection of 40K, Fantasy, Warmachine and sequined ball gowns among others.  His wife ‘understands’.  He is enthusiastic, hardworking, diligent and wrote this bio himself.

Neil is also the first victim to be conned into joining the rest of us in making up this venture.

He can be found at many of the South West of England’s gaming and hobby conventions, sometime with a matching outfit, his activities with in the GCN can be found on his Reps Tale or on his blog

Robey Jenkns, Legionary

Robey Jenkins is the current GCN Rep for Gloucester area. His main claim to fame is as the director of Precinct Omega and daily thanks the God who blessed the world with so many amazing miniatures games, board games and roleplay games, whilst simultaneously begging him for more time in which to play them.

He is also the main protagonist and creator of the  “Skrapyard” skirmish game



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