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Constitution Documents

1 The Legion (CLUB)

1.1 The club will be known as the Legion of Snake Eyes (L O S E) and will be owned and run by the Committee of the Club as a not for profit organisation owned by the Committee whose rights are due to their responsibilities within the Legion.

1.2 The committee will endeavour to provide an events and tournaments in locations suitable for Legionnaire to meet at and orchestrate running gaming events and tournaments for various gaming systems.

2 Legionnaire

2.1 Any eligible person is entitled to be nominated for membership (Legionnaire) by any current Legionnaire, to be submitted to the Committee for approval.

2.2 Membership will be restricted to invite only and will be offered only by the Committee to any eligible nominated person

2.3 Eligibility for nomination is defined as a person who must be of 18 years of age, be of good standing in the gaming community, and must also have displayed an ability to assist in running an open gaming event/tournament or show.

2.4 Membership shall not be restricted on the grounds of

Class, Ethnic origin, nationality (or stateless), race, gender or age

Marital or sexual status

Physical ability

Political or religious belief.

2.7 Membership will expire on the 31st of December of each year, upon which Legionnaires are required to renew their membership, with any appropriate fees.

3 Standard of Behaviour

3.1 It is the responsibility of all Legionnaire to abide by and to make guests aware of the Legion’s Code of Practice

3.2 Those attending a Legion meeting are required to treat all with respect and to refrain from any abusive, obscene or violent language and/or behaviour.

3.3 Attendees of Legion meetings or events will not interfere or tamper with another attendee’s properties, equipment or person, or cause damage through neglect or intent to any other either directly or indirectly.

3.4 Committee Members may by majority ask any attendee(s), failing to comply with the rules of the Legion, and especially item 3.2, to leave a Legion event

3.5 Any Committee Member in breach of the Legion’s Code of Practice may be asked to step down from the Committee

3.6 Breaking or violating the Legion’s Code of Practice, will be dealt with by a Committee Member as follows:

3.6.1 Minor first offence: – A verbal warning will be given in private

3.6.2 Serious or repeated offence – A written warning will be given by the Committee.

3.6.3 Second written warning – Removal of Legion membership

3.6.4 Gross act of misconduct – A fixed term ban will be issued by the Committee.

3.6.5 Allegation of a serious criminal offence, – Automatic suspension of membership until any legal proceedings are concluded.

# any expired ban may be reinstated after a majority vote of all Committee members to remove census.

## Copies and record of all actions will be placed within the Legions records. Any member may lodge an appeal to any action with any Committee member.

4 Meetings

4.1 The Committee will on no less than once a year call for a Legion meeting for the purpose of general game play and member interaction. This will be open to Legionnaire only

4.12 The Legion will endeavour to run tournament and gaming events for Legionnaire to participate at, which will be open to the public, to which a cover charge may be made to reimburse the Legions in it administration of event in line with the Legion’s not for profit status.

The Legion reserves the right to refuse admission where it sees fit in accordance to the constitution.

4.3 At least two Committee Members will be at any authorised Legion meeting, they will be responsible to contact any emergency authorities or if qualified to offer first aid in the event of an emergency.

4.4 No attendee under 16 years of age will be left on the premises unless accompanied by at least 2 adults over 18 years of age.

5 Committee

5.1 The Committee (to be called Snake Eyes) will be selected from Legion members, who are over the age of 18, and not under Legion censure.

5.2 The Committee will comprise of the Chair, The Sectary and the Treasure. The Committee will appoint extra posts to run at their discretion, as required to assist in the running of the Legion.

5.3 The Committee is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of the Legion and will endeavour to do all that is required of them, and any other duties that they volunteer themselves for.

5.4 Any vacant position will be filled by the Committee, not less than one calendar month from opening and will inform the rest of the membership at the same time

5.5 The Committee shall have the authority to make any alterations to the constitution, provided that a majority vote is carried by all legion members. All alteration shall be proposed in writing, and given to the Sectary of the Committee, for distribution among the Committee, at least one calendar month before the Annual General Meeting (Item 7).

5.8 The Committee by a majority decision may decide at any time that on the grounds of expense or other necessity that the Legion be dissolved and relevant undertaking adhered to, and disposes of any outstanding fees and assets.

5.9 Committee members have the right to promote and raise funds for and on behalf of the Legion and to engage in tentative communications for and on behalf of the Legion with the approval of the Chair.

5.10 A quorum of not less than three Committee Members may request the Sectary to call an extraordinary general meeting in addition to any meeting already scheduled

6 Legion Finance.

6.1 All spending by the Committee must go through the Treasurer, who will ensure due practice is observed. Decisions involving expenditure in excess of £50, or which involve a change to the Legion constitution will be made by a majority vote of the Committee.

6.2 Legion funds will be administered from a bank account designated to account for club funds and will remain within its financial limits.

6.4 All records of Legion transactions will be kept by the Treasurer, records will be made available upon written request from not less than three Legion member.

6.5 Receipts will be obtained of all Legion transactions and checked by the Treasurer for audit purposes.

6.6 Public liability insurance and rent of any premise will take priority of the Legions funds, with sufficient monies put aside to cover these outlays if needed.

6.7 Any Assets of the Legion (gaming equipment, cash in hand and the bank) will belong to the Committee who will hold it in trust for the Legion.

6.8 All assets will be recorded along with the original source in the Legion records; if the Legion is ever dissolved the assets will be disposed of as outlined in the Legion asset record.

6.9 The Legion year will run from January 1st to December 31st. At the end of the Legion fiscal year a suitable person will inspect the records.

7 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

7.1 An annual general meeting will be held once a year and will be open to any Legion member. This will be announced at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

7.2 Any 3 Legion members can make a written request to hold an extraordinary general meeting. Upon receipt of request the Sectary will set an appropriate date at the earliest convince and inform the Legion in whole.

7.3 Any Legion member may vote on any Legion issue, raised within the AGM.

7.4 Any 2 Legion members may request a point of issue to be raised in the Legion AGM agenda

Child Protection policy

Legion of Snake Eyes aims to provide as safe an environment possible for all attendees at a club meeting must follow and all Legionnaire must agree to conform to.

1.0 Children

1.1 Legion of Snake Eyes welcomes children to take part in the Hobby.

1.2 Guest of the Legion of Snake Eyes recommends must be a minimum age of 14 years of age or older. However, we also recognise that younger children may wish to come and attend, though Legion of Snake Eyes will only allow entrance if accompanied by an adult (18+).

1.3 Children are a part of our community and need to receive special support and protection. `

1.4 Legion of Snake Eyes accepts their responsibility towards children in general, and particularly those with whom we come into direct contact.

1.5 All children should be offered equal opportunity to take part in the hobby, except on grounds of health and safety. No discrimination is tolerated on any grounds.

2.0 Child Abuse

2.1 Abuse towards children, either physical or psychological is totally unacceptable to the membership of Legion of Snake Eyes It will not be tolerated or condoned.

2.2 Complaints from or regarding the treatment of children will be treated seriously and given fair investigation by the Legion of Snake Eyes club Committee.

3.0 Child Protection

3.1 Legion of Snake Eyes is fully committed to the protection of children from all forms of child abuse.

3.2 This Child Protection Policy forms the basis for the protection of children, which is the full responsibility of all club Legionnaire with in Legion of Snake Eyes.

3.3 Legion of Snake Eyes is committed to encouraging a protective culture within the hobby to protect children.

4.0 Grievances

4.1 Legion of Snake Eyes follows a Code of Practice indicating the proper procedures for good lobbying.

4. 2 As part of the Code of Practice, Legion of Snake Eyes operates a disagreement procedure. This is detailed in the Code of Practice, section 3.

4.3 In addition, the Club Legionnaire are required to uphold the following Grievance Procedure for issues arising from mental or physical abuse, most notably of children:

4.3.1 Any accusation of abuse between Legionnaire must be referred to the Club Committee.

4.3.2 If the Club Committee is unable to investigate the grievance, or if personally involved in it, the matter will be referred to an independent body.

4.3.3 If the grievance is deemed to be real, the matter must be immediately referred to the police authorities for investigation.

4.3.4 Legionnaire  will cooperage with the police investigation in any way that is reasonable.

4.3.5 Both the accused and the accuser will have their membership suspended until the police investigation and any court proceedings are complete. Refer to the Code of Practice section 3.

Code of Practice

Legionnaire and guests will at all times adhere to the following code of practice.

There will be no verbal or physical abuse of any other member or guest

There will be no discrimination of any kind by any member or guest towards any other person at Legion meetings.

There will be no discrimination of any kind by any persons towards any other person at Legion meetings. This includes but is not limited to discrimination on grounds of:

Class, Ethnic origin, nationality (or stateless), race, Gender or Age

Marital or sexual status

Mental or physical ability

Political or religious belief.

It is the responsibility of all Legionnaire and guest to ensure that:

They do not endanger the health and safety of themselves or others.

They observe the rules established for the safety of those involved in Legion activities, as defined by the Legion Committee.

They make every effort to keep the Legion’s premise tidy and clear of any un-due obstructions that may cause injury to others.

Each Legionnaire will respect the location they attending at and will endeavour to make sure all gaming equipment is returned in the conditions that it was originally supplied, along with any Legion facilities that they have used., they must make every effort to dispose of any refuse in the appropriate containers

Disagreements between Legionnaire

Any disagreements between Legionnaire of the Legion must be referred to the Committee as the early as possible.

If the Legion Committee is unable to resolve the disagreement, or if personally involved in the disagreement, the matter must be referred to the Independent Body (in most cases being the area Castilian Knight of the GCN).

The following procedures are to be used only if informal efforts to resolve disagreements have been made and failed.

Any disagreements failed to be resolved must be referred to the GCN Committee:

Any disagreement between two or more GCN registered Clubs

All the parties to the disagreement must be given reasonable opportunity to state their case.

Suspension of Membership

Suspension of membership ensures that no situation in the Gaming Legion arises which could cause further concern and that no member is placed in a position which may cause further compromise. Such action may be necessary in the following cases:

• When an allegation is made that a Member has committed a serious criminal offence. In this case the Member must be suspended until police inquiries and any legal proceedings have been concluded.

• When the action of an individual could seriously harm the reputation Legion of Snake Eyes

Suspended Legionnaire must not participate in any activity connected with Legion of Snake Eyes and must not wear any from of uniform, badges or display any apparel with the Legion logo or name upon them.

Any appointment held by a suspended member will be regarded as vacant.

Suspension in the case of any disagreement must be followed as soon as possible by conciliation and such further steps as are necessary.

Any Legion member who is suspended has the right of appeal (with the aid of a ‘friend’ if so desired). If so requested by the person suspended, the Legion Official asked for appeal, may appoint a sub-Committee to hear the appeal.


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