Gamers coming together to game

About Legion of Snake Eyes

So what is Legion of Snake Eyes?
It is a group of gaming activists. A club for the dispossessed and overly enthusiastic of us; who want to do stuff beyond our own local communities, hopefully enabling us to run and do stuff we cannot do alone.

An example is our first event, Where Sleeping Gods Lie. This is not a project my home club would be interested in, however by banding together with two other activists we can run this.

Where is it? Everywhere! Although we are in theory a UK based group, there is nothing to stop us having members in other countries.

Who can join? Anyone over 18 years old, if invited. Being a bit of an old boys (and girls) club, membership is by invitation only and only to individuals of good standing in the community. In practice, this means if we like you, you can join.

The Committee

We have a committee of three people:

  • Our Treasurer (and the person to blame for all of this) is Dan Currey one of the founders of  Bracknell Forest Gamers.
  • Our Secretary is Dave (OJ Science) Offen-James, former Chief Muppet, co-founder of the Sad Muppet Society in Basingstoke; and master of all things MDF.
  • And finally our President is Richard Kerry, another former Chief Muppet and co-founder of the Sad Muppet Society in Basingstoke; and also President of the Gaming Club Network in the UK, at least until next year.

We also got a Constitution

I want to help! How do I join?

In the first instance, if you want to get involved either email or find us on Facebook (or in person if you attend one of our events). Membership is by invite only and then one forwarded to community minded gaming enthusiasts. If you sign up, you need to be prepared to get involved!

In short, Legion is there to enable like-minded gaming activists to do what they want to do.

Cool huh?


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