Gamers coming together to game

Where Sleeping Gods Lie?

Hi all, just back from our first campaign weekend at Triple Helix Wargames. I will do a full report in due course (but not for at least a couple of days). In the meantime, here is the final map…

The Alliance of Light was victorious in Edethor; however it was a hard fought win. And quite costly in chocolate coins.

A HUGE thankyou needs to go out to a few people. Firstly, Dan Currey, Dave Offen-James and Neil Sharp (our crew for Gods) without whom the event simply would not have happened; Charlotte and Steve from Triple Helix Wargames for being fantastic hosts, their prize support, and for tempting me with more toys to paint; KOed Dice Bags for providing some of the prizes; and finally, all of our players who made the entire event an absolute joy to run.

And finally, a quick shout out to Andres and Sam at GutsNGears. Hi!



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