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Warhammer Fantasy Team Challenge

Warhammer Fantasy Warhammer Team Challenge


23rd – 24th February 2013 – Triple Helix Gaming Centre

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Iron Helix

Victory brings honour.

Defeat brings death.


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Where Sleeping Gods Lie campaign stuff

Hi all, we’ve had a request for the campaign bits and pieces from the Where Sleeping Gods Lie, so here it is!

This little lot should help anyone trying to re-run the weekend. I hope nobody is too disappointed; but a lot was made up on the day or tweaked to make it work!

Anyway, enjoy!


Where Sleeping Gods Lie Results and Scenario Plan
Where Sleeping Gods Lie Presentation
Where Sleeping Gods Lie Crib Sheet
Results forms
Relic Cards
Orders forms
Mercenary Contracts

Fellow club event

Just a quick plug for one of our members other clubs Warmachine/Hordes Tourney

Bracknell Forest Gamers are holding a one day escaltion style tournament
15, 25, 35, 40 pts
£11 per player
contact details on their website

Gods: The Review

Our first Warmachine/Hordes campaign weekend has come and gone. The organisers didn’t quite kill each other, and we weren’t lynched by the competitors; so a successful weekend then!

So, what happened? LOADS!!!

To start with, here is a photo of our victims, the poor souls who paid for two days of complete madness…

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The Sleeping Gods have gone back to bed

Where Sleeping Gods lie is all over for this year
The Alliance won and all is well (sort of see the map for full details :))

Here are a few shoots for those that didn’t make it to the event

Where Sleeping Gods Lie?

Hi all, just back from our first campaign weekend at Triple Helix Wargames. I will do a full report in due course (but not for at least a couple of days). In the meantime, here is the final map…

The Alliance of Light was victorious in Edethor; however it was a hard fought win. And quite costly in chocolate coins.

A HUGE thankyou needs to go out to a few people. Firstly, Dan Currey, Dave Offen-James and Neil Sharp (our crew for Gods) without whom the event simply would not have happened; Charlotte and Steve from Triple Helix Wargames for being fantastic hosts, their prize support, and for tempting me with more toys to paint; KOed Dice Bags for providing some of the prizes; and finally, all of our players who made the entire event an absolute joy to run.

And finally, a quick shout out to Andres and Sam at GutsNGears. Hi!



Our Warmachine Campaign weekend,Where Sleeping Gods Lie, is just four weeks away now. As a bit of a teaser, here is the campaign map for the event. Of course, it is not entirely complete because we don’t want to give away everything just yet.

To download the complete pack, click here.

If you want to sign up, contact to reserve your place as soon as possible.


Relic Cards

Hi all, time for a quick campaign update. Where Sleeping Gods Lie is going to use Relic cards, like this one, to help tell the the story over the week.

This particular card relates to the forces the player’s are bringing themselves, however there will be many others including maps, gold, spell scrolls, special items, and even special characters. Almost every game will include something to play for, and part of the team’s strategy will be getting the most out of these relics, or even trying to capture them from their opponents.

To download the complete pack, click here.

There are still a few tickets left so contact to reserve your place as soon as possible.


Eastward Bound

Hi all, anyone attending ‘Where Sleeping Gods Lie’ would be wise to read and play the scenarios in the Warmachine Prime and Hordes Primal rulebooks because a lot of these will be appearing over the weekend.

In addition to this, we are putting together a series of relic cards which can be acquired over the event. As well as being critical to the narrative, some of these relics will have in game effects, and some of those will be very interesting.

To download the complete pack, click here.

There are still a few tickets left so contact to reserve your place as soon as possible.